We offer you the latest CHIXNGRAVY fashion and various selected brands like NIXON, DRAGON, VANS, INSIGHT and VOLCOM. Find clothes that fit and flatter, shoes, watches, wallets, bags, cool jewellery, sunnies ... - everything the heart desires!

store address: Im Gries 20, Kitz-Galleria, 1 OG. | 6370 Kitzbühel | Austria

opening hours:
 Mon – Sat: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

POP IN! - see you there!


Mission Umzug - COMPLETED

Mädels!!! Jungs!!!! WIR SIND UMGEZOGEN!!!

Ihr findet uns ab sofort in der Kitz-Galleria in Kitzbühel (Im Gries 20, Kitz-Galleria, 1OG.) 

... und wir brennen darauf euch nun in unserem schönen neuen Shop begrüßen und beraten zu dürfen!

UNBEDINGT VORBEISCHAUEN - wir freuen uns auf euch!!!! 

03.04.2014 Mission Removal – Completed!

we moved our CHIXNGRAVY Store to a better location in Kitzbühel Downtown! The decision to move was quite spontaneous, but so far it was the right choice. The new shop is really great located, it´s in the center of Kitzbühel in … Weiterlesen